HYDROSAAR Tailor-made hydraulic cylinders for your applications

We are your partner for the development and production of tailor-made hydraulic cylinders up to 1000 mm and with strokes up to 12 metres.
Whether it's hydropower, presses, cranes, the metal industry, the maritime sector, conveyor technology or hydraulic steel structures – wherever the requirements for service life, corrosion resistance, installation space, weight optimisation or temperature are particularly high, we supply you with tailor-made hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic rotary joints of the highest quality, from individual items to series production.

Our Hydraulic Cylinders In Use

You can find our hydraulic cylinders in various industries and applications. We produce hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications: cranes, hydropower plants, hydraulic steel structures, steelworks, conveyor systems, mills, hydraulic presses etc.

Industries & applications

Engineering & Products

We offer you custom design solutions and help you to select suitable coatings and sealing systems. Our engineers use the latest FEM & FKM tools when developing and designing hydraulic cylinders. 3D designs help to accelerate the design process.

Engineering & products


Our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in compliance with international standards and norms in our own production halls in Sulzbach/Saar. Constant monitoring of all processes, from the beginning of the design process to delivery, guarantees the highest quality.

Our production


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HYDROSAAR was founded in 1964 and has been part of the HYDAC Group since 2001. Our expertise lies in the development, design and production of hydraulic cylinders and cylinder systems.
We have steadily grown and now employ over 100 members of staff. We have a production area of 8,500m² at our site in Sulzbach/Saar.

Certifications Our quality certificates and environmental certificates denote first-class quality and the responsible use of our resources.

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