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We offer you custom design solutions and help you to select the right coatings and sealing systems. Our engineers use the latest FEM & FKM tools when developing and designing hydraulic cylinders. 3D designs help to accelerate the design process.

Development & Design

Whether it's differential cylinders, double rod cylinders, plunger cylinders, telescopic cylinders or rotary joints - we develop, design and calculate each hydraulic cylinder to meet each customer's needs. In doing so, we take any requirements specified by you and any industry-specific requirements into account and are happy to accommodate your individual requests.

We are in dialogue with you right from the start and are happy to advise you on the selection of materials, sealing systems, piston rod coatings and many other design details. To deliver the best solution, it is important for us to know your operating conditions, such as the environment, temperature range, operating media, operating cycles, speeds, etc.

Custom Detailed Solutions

We integrate linear position measuring systems, pressure and position sensors as well as complete valve blocks and hydraulic accumulators into your cylinders.

HYDROSAAR also has solutions that go beyond the usual ambient temperature ranges.

End position damping or mechanical end position locking? No problem.

We offer single-acting and double-acting telescopic cylinders in custom versions to meet your specific requirements.

Dimensioning & calculation

The calculation process for hydraulic cylinders is an integral part of the product design and is carried out using complex calculation tools, taking various regulations and standards into account.

We use modern FEM software to optimise the shape of lightweight constructions and to verify the service life with many load cycles.


Piston Rods

The selection of the right base material and surface coating for the piston rod and the piston rod's design are decisive for the hydraulic cylinder's service life and functionality.

The spectrum of materials used for piston rods ranges from unalloyed structural steel to high-strength fine-grain and heat-treated steels and stainless steel.
The extensively tested coating selection for piston rods ranges from simple electroplated coatings to HVOF coatings and laser coatings for maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Seal & Guide

  • Customised seal selection depending on your application parameters (control function, load-holding function, high-frequency application, travel speed, etc.)
  • High and low temperature solutions
  • Use of special hydraulic media


  • Simple and redundant linear position measuring systems
  • Pressure sensors, position sensors and load cells
  • Valves and complete valve blocks
  • Accumulators
  • Anti-twist devices

Special Rotary Joints

Hydraulic rotary joints are used to transfer media between two rotating components. They are used in a variety of different applications such as mobile machinery, cranes or in the offshore sector.

HYDROSAAR develops, designs and manufactures special rotary joints that are tailored to suit individual customer needs. This means that requirements such as small installation dimensions, a large number of channels, a long service life or the use of special media and materials can be met. It is also possible to connect a variety of attachments, such as pressure monitoring or slip ring assemblies.

Product certification by certification organisations such as DNV is also possible at the customer's request.

Technical data

Operating pressureUp to 400 bar (higher pressures on request)
Rotation angle360° (intermittent or continuous)
Number of channels2-20 channels, larger numbers on request
External diameterUp to 800 mm, larger diameters on request
LengthUp to 1,500 mm, larger lengths on request
MediumHydraulic oil, lubricating grease, coolant, compressed air, diesel
Operating temperature-40°C to 60°C
MaterialCarbon steel , stainless steel
SealsFriction-optimised special seals
CoatingLow-wear special coating with high corrosion protection
Attachment partsAttachment & integration of electrical slip ring assemblies
PaintworkDifferent paint systems from 240h to 1440h NSS

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