Industries & Applications

You can find our hydraulic cylinders in various industries and applications. We produce hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications: such as cranes, hydropower plants, hydraulic steel structures, steelworks, conveyor systems, mills, hydraulic presses and many other applications.

Offshore / Maritime

Extreme conditions, long service lives, high loads and increased risk of corrosion are particular challenges in offshore and maritime applications - but no problem for our hydraulic cylinders. We supply custom cylinders, tailored to your specific requirements and according to the highest quality standards.
We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right materials, seals or piston rod coatings, as well as on details such as special seals to prevent water ingress in underwater applications.
The design and certification of hydraulic cylinders in accordance with the regulations of recognised classification societies such as DNV, ABS, LR, BV or CCS is part of our daily business. We also provide comprehensive and complete quality documentation.

Hydraulic cylinders for various ship types:

  • Offshore installation vessels
  • Jack-up vessels
  • Pipe laying vessels
  • Dredgers
  • Split barges

Hydraulic cylinders for the control and operational safety of ships and platforms:

  • Ship control
  • Fin stabilisation
  • Heave compensation
  • Ship hatches

Hydraulic cylinders for deck superstructures:

  • A-frame cranes
  • Knuckle boom cranes
  • Davit systems
  • Special handling systems


With many years of experience and expertise in the field of hydropower, we develop and manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders for all hydropower plant applications. Operational safety and quality take centre stage here.
The increased requirements for corrosion resistance and the specifications of DIN19704 are taken into account when selecting the materials, the piston rod coating and a suitable coating structure.

  • Hydraulic cylinders for turbine controlwith hydraulically or mechanically actuated locking, end position damping, stroke adjustment, linear position measuring systems and limit switches
  • Hydraulic steel structure cylindersDesigned according to DIN19704 specifications for gates, weirs and intake gates
  • Hydraulic cylinders for shut-off deviceswith mechanical locking and sensors.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for generator braking and liftingwith special brake linings, sensors and locks

Hydraulic Steel Structures

Our high-quality hydraulic cylinders are a key component in many hydraulic steel structure projects. Designed in accordance with the hydraulic steel structure standard DIN 19704, we meet the specifications for materials, seals, piston rod coatings and paintwork and supply you with custom solutions for durable and robust hydraulic cylinders of the highest quality.
For accuracy and reliability in position measurement, we can implement triple redundant linear position measuring systems, even for long strokes. If required, we can also supply the hydraulic cylinders with valve blocks and pipework for your hydraulic steel structure project.
We offer you comprehensive and complete quality documentation, from 3.2 material test certificates and welding documentation to extensive pressure testing and functional testing.

Applications in the hydraulic steel structures sector:

  • Locks
  • Weirs
  • Gates
  • Culvert gates
  • Shock absorbing brakes
  • Barrier cylinders

Mobile Applications & Cranes

We develop and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic cylinders and cylinder systems for mobile applications. Our expertise enables us to reach an optimum hydraulic cylinder solution for your application. Our cylinder engineering includes design and calculation processes with modern 3D CAD and FEM tools. Each cylinder is specially designed to fulfil specific customer requirements.
For more than two decades, HYDROSAAR has been a reliable supplier of mobile hydraulics to global manufacturers of cranes and large construction machinery

  • FEM calculations and design according to EN13001
  • Proof of fatigue strength according to FKM guidelines
  • Weight-optimised design through the use of high-strength materials
  • Surfaces suitable for the application
    • Piston rod coatings
    • Paint systems
  • Integrated tank technology, valve technology, accumulator technology and measurement technology

What we can develop for you:

  • Boom cylinders
  • Outrigger cylinders
  • Telescoping systems, etc.


Our hydraulic cylinders are developed for you by experienced engineers to guarantee a long service life under extreme environmental conditions. Our hydraulic cylinders withstand high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion thanks to their robust design and the selection of special piston rod coatings and matching sealing systems. We are also able to offer specially-developed water cooling systems, piston accumulators and the right sensors, which we integrate in a way that makes maintenance as easy as possible.

Typical applications:

  • Furnace tilt cylinders
  • Ladle lifting cylinders
  • Plate stretchers
  • Oscillating cylinders
  • Roller balancing cylinders
  • Cooling bed cylinders

Presses & Forming Technology

HYDROSAAR develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders and cylinder systems for hydraulic presses and forming machines.
Our cylinders are tailored to meet specific customer requirements, with a particular focus on long service lives, precision, system availability, a high travel speed and operational stability.
Our cylinders for hydraulic presses and applications in the field of forming technology have tried-and-tested, robust designs with suitable sealing systems and piston rod coatings.

A wide variety of components and subsystems can of course also be integrated into cylinders for hydraulic presses and forming machines:

  • Valve technology
  • Suction valves
  • Hydraulic blocks
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Sensors

Custom solutions for hydraulic presses & forming technology, e.g:

  • Press cylinders with integrated rapid traverse cylinders
  • Die cushion axes
  • Press cylinders with crossheads
  • Double cylinders and tandem cylinders

Conveyor Technology & Mills

Our hydraulic cylinders are used in conveyor systems and cement mills, where they perform heavy-duty work lifting and pulling heavy loads. Due to the extreme operating conditions, a very robust hydraulic cylinder design and a piston rod coating adapted to the ambient conditions are essential.
Thanks to decades of experience in this sector, we can offer the right solution for your application, such as a particularly compact design, integrated valve technology, accumulators and sensors and low-temperature and high-temperature versions.

Tailor-made designs for material handling & processing:

  • Cement mills
  • Open-pit mining technology
    • Spreaders, transporters
    • Crushers
    • Transport crawlers
    • Belt tensioning systems
  • Wagon tipplers
  • Harbour technology
    • Ship loader
    • Ship unloader

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